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Order cancel after one month


Hi Fiver Community
I have Received order on my gigs before a month. the order is for upload app to google play from the buyer account. and also i have mention in my gig to inbox before placing order. but the buyer just place order without inbox me and when i asked him for his google play account he did not send me the requirements.
he told me that i have no google play account. so its not my mistake i have clearly mentioned in my gig description that i will upload from your account.
the order was auto completed a month before and the buyer give me 1star review.
today i received email and notification that the order was cancelled by mutual understanding.
The 1 star review is still showing after the cancelation of order.
why it happens. the fiver give more importance to buyer its not fair.


And it will remain there. Negative reviews remain on your account, regardless of whether the order of the gig is removed. You earned that 1-star review. I recommend that you work hard not to repeat this experience a second time.


Thanks jonbass.

that is not my mistake. what can i do if i receive order which is not mention in my gig.


Cancel it as soon as you realise you can’t do it. You can’t force buyers to contact you before they order, so your gigs might need to be setup differently so that a situation like that can’t arise.

You say in your gig:
I will create googly play account for you.

Why couldn’t you do that on this occasion - you say you can.


Thanks @offlinehelpers

Google charge 30+ USD for create new account and order was of 15USD.

It will also increase cancelation rate. There should be option for buyer to accept the offer or decline.


In which case your gig description is misleading - you need to take that bit out.

Fiverr isn’t designed so that every buyer has to contact a seller before they purchase. Change your gigs to suit the rules rather than trying to change the rules to suit your gig.


I have three packages in my gig. So its clearly mentioned in my packages for what they are. And I have also mentioned that inbox me before placing order. So its the buyer mistake.

That will still happen. Some buyer didn’t read description.


I’m sorry but it really isn’t.

Here’s a screenshot of your gig description.

It doesn’t say anywhere that ‘I will create googly play account for you.’ is part of any of the 3 packages.

Nor do you have account creation listed in any of your packages.

Again, you cannot force buyers to contact you before ordering.

You need to rephrase your gig so that it’s clear exactly what and isn’t offered, or you’ll face more cancellations etc. in the future.

Good luck! :sunny:


Thanks for your help. Will try to change it.


Of cause it’s must. Without buyers no sellers
Good luck


I have contact customer support team. They removed the review and negative rating. Thanks CS


I’m glad it worked out for you!


Thanks. I have contact CS first time. And I am glad to get full help.