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Order cancel after review

Hi! Buyer approved the order i deliever it and then fiverr custom support cancel that order?
What is this?
can anyone tell me here??


Logic tells me you should be asking Fiverr CS that question.


Automatically Fiverr Customer Support won’t cancel any order. Question here is, If buyer approved order and then you got order cancelled I doubt the Buyer might have opened Paypal Dispute (In that case order get automatically cancelled and funds are returned to buyer direct by Paypal)

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brother he approved the order and give me 5 star reviews

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Seems like a bug issue,


i already emailed them they did not replied

you should contact custumer support

I contacted them but they did not replied?

Have some Patience Buddy.

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How long ago?

Maybe buyer changed his mind. Maybe he was scammer and wants the money and delivery.

You have plenty topic on this topic.

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Yes brother it can be possible. Many scam like this way. When I faced such situation they buyer canclled order after 3 months.

He gave 5 start + good tip. I don’t remember but order was for 70$ and he gave 30$ tip (So people scame this way and take all your work) Because they are aware if we say we don’t like the work the seller might ask to delete the work.

I just saying if order is cancelled then the guy surely has open PAYPAL dispute directly

its a scam he had done then! where are fiver policies now they are not even replied?

its about yesterday!

Wait for CS. They will reply after 2-3 days.