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Order Cancel by Customer support

The buyer has requested to customer support to cancel the job.and the Fiverr has cancel the order without talking to me.While when i requested to to customer support that close the job.He simply said “we can not force to the client to accept.please contact to to Buyer”.
Is there no discrimination between buyers and sellers ?


You have to work for Royal buyer until he will satisfy. If he does not satisfy with you he can do anything that you don’t have belonged. Buyer is always here “King” and you are a tenant


this buyer was non technical person.after i complete the work.the buyer was not understanding how to open the file and in which software it will be open.I explain them very well and given revisions.
but he requested to customer care and they were cancel the job.I was work on this project from 3 days.all my effort wasted.THIS IS VERY BAD.

Actually this type of foolish work hurt seller who did work hard for those guy.

Did you contact fiverr support right away?

Or did you come to complain the forum instead of solving the problem?

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yes i complain the customer support.but he told me that we have right to cancel the job if the Buyer not satisfied.customer support does not want to know what was the deal with buyer.They only hear the buyer not seller.

Buyer are disgusting.they increase the work that was not in our deal.and when refuse to work.he simply send the request to customer care to cancel the job.and the customer care cancel the job without investigate.they never heard seller.