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Order Cancel Dispute

Hi, Fiverr friends. I lately got an order this week, hoping me to take five pictures of my feet. Firstly I thought it’s just a normal beauty shop that needs the feet pictures with nail polish. It turns out that he’s just a feet fetish and after we agreed to cancel the order. Would the cancelation affect the order of my gig showing on the page? Mine is 91%, originally was 100%. Thanks!

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Hi jones,

Order cancellation does affect your rating on Fiverr. If you get a cancellation the stats will drop. If you are able to have no cancellations for two months, your stats will be back to 100 %.

You can read more about this here:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I’d recommend you send a screen shot of that conversation to customer support so you won’t be affected. Tell them you want this guy block, permanently.

World is full of strange things and people asking for them. :disappointed:


Why would you care? Pictures of feet are pictures of feet, does it matter what they’ll be used for? If you are willing to sell photos of your feet to companies, why not to some random guy? Makes no sense.

ITs a big issue
Cancellation rate is the reason behind your success in fiverr