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Order cancel due to late delivery [RESOLVED]


I have some questions. Buyer order me almost 9 days ago without sending me any message. I replied him with in one day and asked him to send me a file for doing work. He replied with in 2 days but didn’t sent me file. After 5 days he sent me a file for work. I checked file in my sofware. File was not working because i don’t have newer version software.

I told him that it is impossible for me to complete this job because of software problem. Now buyer cancel my order and give me negative feedback. My rating was 98% and now is 89%. My gig rating was 5 and now is 4.4.

So my question is that it is my fault.? I don’t thing it is my fault because buyer order me without discussion about job. Thanks

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Sheriff’s Note: The answer has been provided by twistedweb123 . This thread is now closed

Whether it’s your “fault” is subjective, but in the future I’d recommend clicking the mutual cancellation button. This will prevent it from being a “late delivery” cancellation that auto-triggers negative feedback.

I can not say to ask fiverr’s support as in this situation they would not help.

The only way you can deal with this is by starting new. Good luck. Learn for the future.

Hi arslan0000,

If the buyer went “very late” (and was able to be cancelled) due to the delay in the buyer getting the details through to you, Fiverr customer support can remove this negative feedback if you contact them (as it was out of your control to deliver on time).

However, if the buyer provided the required information within the time required, and you yourself were delayed (causing it to go very late), then customer support will not be able to help you.

If the order went very late whilst you were working on it yet you kept the buyer updated all the way (i.e. “this will be with you within 24 hours”) and the buyer agreed, then cancelled, customer support may be able to help you.

As david388 states, if you were not able to complete the work and told the buyer of this, it’s always best to send a mutual cancellation request along with the message, to reduce the risk of the buyer just cancelling.