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Order Cancel Impect

My Frist Order has been canceled so what kind of problem Can I have, Please guide me.
Thank You!
Soman Mia

Your completion rate will drop. If it’s one out of one order cancelled, it will drop to 0% until new orders come in. This is only over 60 days, so after that you will be back to 100%.


I am really unlucky Because My Client give me a good review and after he canceled my first order.

Well, I suppose the good review is one thing at least. Were you given a reason for this cancellation?

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I reported the fiverr support team but fiverr did not get any good answer. Support team said Payment paid by outside on fiverr But I am not sure Why says. I created tiktok ad account for my client.

That doesn’t really make sense. Did you accept payment through any other means outside of Fiverr?

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I don’t any payment outside of Fiverr it’s my first order.