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Order cancel issue

I face a problem today. My buyer satisfied my task and he gives me a 5-star rating and good comments. but the problem is Fiverr marked this order is canceled I did not understand why the order is canceled. Am trying to contact buyer but did not any option send a message to the buyer.
hope expertise seller comment on this message


probably pay-pal charge back issue. the buyer’s fiverr account will be suspended by fiverr CS soon or already has been suspended as you said you can’t communicate with the buyer.
NB: A charge-back happens when a buyer asks their card issuer to reverse a transaction that has already cleared.


It already affect my order completion How to solve this isse

Instead of trying contact your buyer, fiverr CS should be your first instance to communicate with when things like this happen

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you can write to CS. only they are the one who are able to solve your prob. very helpful they are.

this buyer contact option is unclear so i did not contact

yes boss i already send message. thank you so much for your kind information

It could be that the buyer did PayPal charge back. Sorry about that

My cancel ration is up for the cancel :disappointed_relieved:

facing the same issue, after 18 days if order competition I got a notification that order has been cancel by Fiverr support.
Already opened a dispute with fiverr team but still waiting for a response from fiverr team.

same issue happens with me

same issue with me. How to solve this isse

I have the same problem like you