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What a bad start of the day…i provide a buyer his urgent work and charged accordingly and as soon as i delivered him the work…he asked for cancellation and told that some other designer did that job…
He told me that he would go for other offer of $5 to pay for my efforts and put five star rating in that for your efforts…but what if he modify his rating to none after i cancel the previous order…
Need help!!


Why will you accept his cancellation request? You have done the work delivered it accordingly. For his mistake, you should not be accepting the cancellation request. You have the right to deny the cancellation request. You should stand by yourself.


yes i am standing to that…and also asked for CS…i hope there will be no negative reviews after this matter get resolved…i am not afraid of the loss but the ratings…


Why should one bear the loss? None wants to work for free. You can even contact CS after your buyer leaves a negative review.


Firstly, you should reject the cancellation request and contact CS. Negative reviews can be dealt with afterwards.


yes you are right…i was just very irritated with this so thought sharing this at forum will help me to reduce my anxiety…this is my first such experience at Fiverr…and at that time when i facing fall in my sales…

CS in the matters of resolving bugs replied within five min but in this case they need to configure out everything so may be taking time…


They reply within 12-13 hours for such issues.


They already replied and they fully supported with me…Thank you so much for your motivations… :slight_smile:


You are welcome. I would like to add that you should never fear for a negative rating if you have done your work properly. Customer support is always there for you.


yes…you are absolutely right…