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Order cancelation and comment removal

I have a question. Let say someone left me not very positive feedback, what will happen if I cancel this order, will the comment disappear?

It will not disappear but to help yourself try to get more of positive rating to overshadow that.

Also I think a misunderstanding lead to this, I learn from one client.

Bests of luck

Well, according the Customer Support it will:

Hi there,
Thank you for contacting us regarding this. Feedback that was left by a buyer on your order can be removed in 3 ways;
The buyer removes it himself.
The buyer agrees that we remove it for them.
Via Mutual Cancellations once an order is cancelled via mutual cancellation the feedback is automatically removed.
Regarding the worksample, the buyer would have to contact us themselves so that we can remove it for them.
Hope that helped.