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Order Cancelation by Buyer

Today i recieved an notification that someone cancel the order nd money is refunded to him.
Why this …?
When a buyer received his work and completely satisfied with the work delivered and even make a great review too. Then how CS can trust his self made story and cancel order even after 1 month.
He gets his money back but who is the responsibile for the time that i consume on his project.

:)Not Fair…!

You can ask this question of customer support. They are the ones who know the reason.

Maybe it is a chargeback!

After you deliver your gig and they mark it as complete, it’s very hard for a buyer to cancel unless they have a valid reason. Although after two weeks when the payment has been processed the money is yours!

So I don’t know why after one month they got a full refund. Seems suspicious to me.

Probably a PayPal chargeback. All Fiverr does in such a case is to ban the buyer who did it.

Unfortunately this happens, luckily rarely but there are dishonest people who accept the work and even give a great review and put a claim on their Paypal account. All Fiverr can do is to accept the claim in order to avoid being flagged by Paypal as too many claims would have Fiverr suspended by Paypal, which would result in a hell of a mess for us sellers. Technically, Fiverr would look into the process of your order, and delivery, and would ban this buyer. Unfortunately, nothing stops this buyer from opening a different account and do it all over again :frowning:

Well I am new to Fiverr and it is really confusing to find about a deduction after almost a month. I mean, who pays for that refund if a seller had already withdrawn all the earnings and left?

I guess johno2110 is correct there… there may have been a serious issue otherwise some bug or technical error.

Edit: The two responses above mine have cleared my confusion. Thanks to them.

This has happened to me once…not much you can do other than to put that into the “risk” folder each business is accepting. I’s odd but sometimes it happens. But as said, at 4 weeks into the order it must be a Credit Card charge-back…