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Order Cancelation Problem


I am Working here from past two year , Now Fiverr has Updated the Level System and there are 8 Options to fill up and get New Level , I have One Concern Buyers Comes and place Orders then

  1. we dont agree on some point then Cancelation happened
  2. Buyer place order and without any reason they cancel it
    then it damage my profile and i cant get forward to next level . In this situation
    Q1: What should i do ?
    Q2: And my Order Completion Rate is downing day by day due such Cancelation.
    I work hard to make Fiverr best Place for buyer . Please Help me Thanks


Buyers have a strong position because fiverr need buyers not sellers for running their business. :unamused:
You can’t do anything if buyer cheated you or cancel your order. But have faith in God. They (scammers) will come to their end soon. :mask:


Hey, I think it happens to everyone who is working here as a seller and to avoid cancellations… communicate in detail with your client and understand his requirement and try to explain what he exactly wants. In this way you will be more confident as you know what he wants and what you are providing and your buyer will trust you more if you can share your samples of work or draft of your work…

I hope it will help you



I was asking the same here If a buyer makes mistake orders
And I asked customer support. They say they can’t change it. But you can ask them too, maybe then they’ll pay more attention to this sellers’ problem.


I have Contact CS about this but they cant do anything :frowning:


If I do my task 100% accurate according to my client after that client cancel the order or take refund there money , then what should I do ? Will there be any option to set a dispute against my buyer ?
I just Wanted to know If I am correct , will I able to refund my money ?

Thank You


Fiverr only helps the buyers. They will mark your dispute" Solved ".


There is no Refund and There is nothing for seller , I have 800$ plus lost , I have Contact CS there is no way to give you any refund amount, Fiverr Give more importance then Seller :slight_smile:
Dont make Freelancer as your full time job , :slight_smile:


This is 100% True , I have Experience this Thing , They dont care about Sellers :slight_smile:


so according to you I can say that fiverr is place of scammer as a buyer with the support of fiverr . Other market place has equal rules and support for freelancer and client . Dont know what will happen with me but I hope for the best .


What I suggest is:

At the top of gigs you can write the users to contact you first before placing order. This helps most of the time and you can save yourself from order that you are not good at or don’t want to do.

Another point is when users messages you take some time. What we do with just one message we agree to do work and at last users is not satsfied as you both didn’t clear on things. So ask him question and confirm 1-2 times at last before starting the order with all the things he wants.

These will surely help to save from cancelation. This is only way you can save yourself because on other things no on has hold


Dont make Fiverr as your Full Time Job . You cant Control anything , One of My friend Working on Fiverr from the past 2 years with 350 Plus reviews . His account was banned due to because he deliver the project without uploading this work . It was empty Deliver but Work was Done .

Stay Strong . Make Fiverr a Part Time Business .
Sellers Has No Value , Buyer has Much Value then Sellers :slight_smile:


So, your friend had his account banned because he broke the rules. Well, in that case, you could have controlled what happened, yet he chose to do the wrong thing. I have no sympathy for those who willingly break the rules. He should have known better.


No He haven’t broke the Rules


Buddy, yes, he did. As you said:

It is 100% against the rules to provide empty deliveries. He chose not to upload work, and tried to fool the system into completing the order. Fiver noticed this, and banned his account. He broke the rules. He suffered the consequences.


When you Made a Website then Buyer Check it on his side that it is Okay Or not Okay Then he Wants Changes then changes are made . But If your Buyer is Happy With what you are Created but You Forget to upload the screen shot of that website then i think he haven’t broke any Rules


I am not going to argue the rules with you. A rule was broken, and Fiverr took appropriate action against your friend as a result. That’s what happens when someone willingly breaks the rules.


You may think that, but apparently, Fiverr disagrees.


It is amazing that anyone can not understand that if you make an empty delivery you will get your account banned. Someone’s friend forgot to upload a screenshot of the website? :grinning: That’s like saying my dog ate my homework.


“Fiverr only helps the buyers. They will mark your dispute” Solved “.”

My latest ticket was about a cancellation request that the buyer has selected “Seller can’t do this job” as the reason after placing an order for $60 and sending me over 120 messages/images within 24 hours, expecting me to go through and figure out what her requirements were. We tried to sort things out but it didn’t work at the end. CS marked as “resolved” and advised that “Unfortunately, all cancellation is indeed added to your Order Completion rate.”

I do not think the buyer wanted to hurt my business/level and I do not believe that Fiverr only helps the buyers. There are issues with the current cancellation system for sure, but I’d want to think that it’s challenging to come up with a justified system that pleases everyone than Fiverr is biased. I filed the ticket, not as a complaint, but rather a suggestion that Fiverr takes these circumstances into consideration.