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Order cancelation rate decreased day by day

I have completed 13 orders and 1 canceled. After cancelation, my cancelation rate decreased. It’s down from 88% to 83%. How to count this ratio? And how I can increase my cancelation rate. Thank you.


Please keep in mind that cancellation rate is calculated over the course of the last 60 days.


Increase the cancellation rate? You cancel more orders.

I assume you want to say DECREASE the cancellation rate, in this case you just deliver orders and don’t cancel. That’s all you have to do.



You preferred to ask Forum users for information that is available to everyone in Fiverr’s help.

All about order completion

You’ll find the answers to your questions there.

Good luck!

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Ohh sorry. Yes i meant to say decrease my cancelation rate. I canceled my order at Nov 5. In fiverr it count over 60 days. But last 2 weeks its increasing. Is there any way to keep it in 100%?

Thank you so much brother.

OH I got it but how can I relief in this situation?

You need to increase the orders volume and do not have cancellation, in this way the number of orders completed will rise and the ones cancelled will remain the same (1 in your case).

After cancelation order volume goes down. Its too much tough for now. But ii hope i recover in this situation. Thank you so much bro.

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yeah this is super primitive,
of course the cancelation rate is so important,and this cancelation rate is not appear in sellers dashboard I guess.
Fiverr evaluate every profiles for each 60 days,so means seller has to wait 60 days to get back their normal rates,actually pretty good way…

but this cancelations are not well inspected,
it does not matter whatever the reason is,if the both seller and buyer has mutual agreement to cancel the project the cancelation rate will drpo down.

I have face this issue few different times,
The first time is about my second fiverr project,the client has purchased a wrong gig and I didn’t know the order changing options in that time,so I have cancelled the project and send her to custom offer.
the second time my client asked me to cancel the order and re order again,He said he has some bank issue and he needs to switch another account,I didn’t understand the point but when I am going to cancel the order the automated message says this will affect to your ratings,so I have contacted Fiverr support team and cancelled the order without any effect.
and month ago one of client place an order ,a wrong order that something not related with my service…
the issue is the sellers can not cancel any “mismatching” order without effecting their ratings…
That was a huge mistake,and nowadays Fiverr support team take at least 10 days to respond.
that was my experiences,
but without any mismatching orders,always can avoid this cancelations by using resolution center options,you can open a reason and discuss with the client to change the order format.not always working method but my friend always try to avoid the cancelations,Resolution Center is quite good way…