Order cancelations / new customers


I would like to now if it’s me or this lately months (march, april) are full of new buyers who does not read the gig rules…i have tried everything to encourage my customers to give me the correct information and they don’t do it, they expect i guess and read their minds…i’m even thinking of quit fiverr…i have tried a lot of descriptions, and even asking for the info once they submited an almost blank order, but the order time is running and i end doing the job or canceling the order…if i do the job, inmediately after i deliver now they respond asking for a modification, but not the days before when i was asking for the info., then i ended canceling my order as i can’t keep wasting an entire day on a single order…the worst part is that is is happening almost everyday…i try hard to give a great quality but it seems it is full of new customers that think they can have everything for 5, i even have customers that ask for 5 designs to choose from. how could they dare? there’s nothing on my gig saying you can expect 5 designs. Is this something that is happening to me or this is somethin that is happening lately on fiverr?