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Order canceled after 2 months from completion

Today morning, when I wake up, I got a surprise from Fiverr. I had a notification message. When I opened it, it said, your order with (Buyer) has been canceled. (mutually canceled).

An interesting thing was, that this order had been delivered/marked completed 2 months ago. The buyer had accepted the delivery, you may see his review about me.

  • The buyer left good feedback " very knowledgeable, best communication to work with, great to work with!"

  • and he thanks me through messages.

  • and now the order is canceled
    when I contacted the support they said :

Hello Yassin,

I will be glad to assist you with this today.

We are continuously monitoring the activity in our marketplace and it was detected that on this order, the work completed and delivered was not satisfactory.

It is important to mention that when this happens our relevant team carefully reviews the order and asks the buyer for valid proof before taking further actions.

We want nothing more than for every order to get successfully completed, but sometimes despite the time and hard work, this is not possible. While it’s natural you want to get paid, we are unable to compensate for an order that has been canceled.

If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

Thank you,
I send them the screenshots of completion and I’m always responding to the buyer questions.
Can anyone have a suggestion or a similar experience can help me?

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Fiverr has already informed you of the resolution to this issue. There is nothing more than we can tell you, that Customer Support hasn’t already stated. Your order is cancelled. You aren’t going to be compensated for the lost revenue. You will have to accept this decision, and move on.

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If you have completed work as you offered you should ask CS that work was done as discussed and if it was exactly done as buyer’s requirements how it was not satisfactory ?

I dont know what services you are offering but any order is not entitled to be cancelled based on quality !

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I’m offering machine learning services (with python programming) so its a clear practical task with clear results , after i deliver the buyer review the delivery and he asked for some modifcations (so he understand the delivery) so i did and i delivere again then the buyer mark the project as completed and gives a good review , i’m always available responding to his questions he didn’t mention any cancelation!!
after two months he canceled the project !! i think there is some buyers searching for free services and fiverr protect always the buyers (they said that the buyer gives proofs and i give them proofs too)

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its not about just the funds its my completion rate going down so the move on will be move off
this is why we are choosing Fiverr for the first time to protect our funds from some scam buyers, but it’s like some buyers are always looking for free services, and Fiverr takes care of them.

Fiverr stated that they “carefully review[ed] the order and [asked] the buyer for valid proof before taking further action”. This was not a random cancellation. Fiverr saw valid reason to cancel the order. They clearly stated that they don’t like cancelling orders, but this one was a valid choice for cancellation. I’m sorry to hear that this has happened to you, but their decision appears to be final.

And no, Fiverr does NOT support bad buyers “always looking for free services”. This is a completely false and misleading claim. Just because you are upset with the action Fiverr took, does not make Fiverr evil or unfair. They stated that there was good reason to support the cancellation, and implied that the buyer provided reasonable proof to support cancellation. We cannot do anything to fix or change Fiverr’s choices. This is unfortunate, but you will have to accept it and move on.

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