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Order Canceled After Order Completion of 16 Days

I successfully completed an order 16 days ago and I received a 5-star rating and positive feedback from the buyer. But unfortunately today morning I got a notification from Fiverr that my order was canceled lol.
And I am unable to contact the buyer he is no longer in Fiverr :rofl:
Any suggestion?!

Mod Note: It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller. You may send the username to Customer Support if the user has actually violated the Fiverr Terms of Service, but the public forum is not the right place forrname call-outs Order Canceled After Order Completion of 16 Days

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Same thing happened to me, got the order canceled by customer support randomly. No message, no nothing

Did you get pad?
or did they cancelled the payment too?

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If you’re asking me, the buyer reviewed his order and in 15 days (yesterday) my gig was canceled and the amount was removed from my wallet.

Very frustrating for sellers. :cry: :cry:

I lost the money, fiverr refunded the money to the buyer but I see the buyer is no longer in fiverr then how can they refund him

did you tried to contact fiverr support?

The same thing happened to me, I didn’t get paid for 15 days of hard work, the buyer gave me 5 stars and made nice comments but two days later I saw the order canceled, order price $ 380 :sob: :sob:

I didn’t. But considering how much work overload they have, I don’t feel like waiting a week for a reply.

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Buyer probably ask for a chargeback via credit card or paypal and then was kicked by fiverr or run away and open a new account to scam someone else.

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:open_mouth: I lost my pain when I learned about yours :sweat_smile:

in this case what is fault of seller? don’t you think fiverr should change their policies?

What i think won’t change the rules, move one and don’t think about it this is how the system works.

I after contacting Fiverr Support

what about the positive rating and feedback didn’t you show them their ratings what they left when the order completed?

Completed the order, gave 5 stars, commented nicely but then I see the order canceled by fiverr Support. lol


I got this, what you think- I will get the money back?

Hi mdrubelahmed007,

Good news! Your revenues for the canceled order by sadsam200 due to a dispute were returned to your account, without affecting your cancellation rate.

You can withdraw these funds from your account after a safety period of 7 days.
The Fiverr Team !

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so the buyers can get their work done and then cancel the order as if it was nothing? like what , they own the patform or something…Their should be review of history chat, work done and ratings in an open dispute.

Well, the buyer can issue a chargeback via their bank or PayPal, but in that case he gets automatically removed from the platform.

If customer support cancels the order, the buyer most likely ended up unhappy and he wanted something else. Some scam buyers will try to cancel right after getting the delivery, so there’s that.

Customer support will side with sellers too, I mean I had a team of scammers trying to scam me, they even did a paypal dispute and their account was removed, but despite that I still got paid since I showed I delivered all the work.

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It can get alot more trouble when it adds up with the paypal dispute. You were really fortunate.