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Order canceled after two months



Today morning, when I wake up, I got a surprise from Fiverr. I had a notification message. When I opened it, it said, your order with (Buyer) has been cancelled. (mutually cancelled).

Interesting thing was, that this order had been delivered/marked completed 2 months ago. The buyer had accepted the delivery, you may see his review about me.


Another interesting thing about this order is, the buyer has given me a tip also for the order.


This is paypal charge back yesterday I facing same issue buyer cancel completed order after mark as complete.
Contact Cs they will fix issue some times they even give funds back to seller :slight_smile:


Contact the support staff to help you on because maybe the buyer reported you to the support staff


Your order with ******* was canceled due to a dispute initiated by the buyer and/or their issuing bank.

Check your email if you got that message from support then its paypal charge back.


This is usually happened because of a payment processor charge back if there is conflict or lack of funds in the account.

Nothing to worry about. It will not going to affect your rating. As, it’s not done on basis of a conflict rather a procedural work.


This is what the email is saying about this cancelled order.


No it will effect your gig and ratting I have experience and read many post of charge back.


So, should I not report the issue to the Fiverr CS?


Yes I also got same message contact Cs there may be chance the give you funds back but not tip!



Check your analytics page it will also effect your rating and gig position contact Cs to fix the issue


It has affected my ratings already. The delivery rate has dropped from 93% to 89%.


Ahh, what a strange :astonished:


Then, it’s a result of conflict raised by your buyer. Rather a charge back issue from the payment processor of client.


This is becoming a very common issue now.
Please check the profile of your buyer, it should be restricted now. Right?
Can you remember if you ever visited the buyer’s profile, was their account created recently?


The buyer was an old client of mine and I had done several projects. But due to some issue and his unfair demands, I reported him and we could not keep continue any more.


This is confusing me, when did you report him?


Earlier, probably after the last order I delivered to him, (may be 1 and half month ago)


I’m not trying to be a detective here, but I assume that your buyer tried to contact you recently and found out that you blocked him, and decided to do the charge back?
Just guessing


Few weeks ago I got 4 cancelation in 1 day from the same client. Orders were marked as complete more than 3 months ago. Buyer was satisfied with delivery and leaved a positive review.
But he just made a refund for all 4 orders and my order completion rate fell by 4% also fiverr charged money from my account.

Seller was able to cancel 3 BIG orders after we fully delivered and they confirmed the work and reviewed us kindly

This is very unfair with seller.