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Order canceled after two months


Yes, that’s very much the case. As demotion of rating is due to conflicts with buyer rather anything done as standard procedure of fiverr.


Yes, that’s unfortunate. There should be a refund policy for the services seller is giving.


May be, but I have not blocked him. He asked me on Fiverr to call him on his whatsapp number. I reported this message to Fiverr only, as I had already received a warning from Fiverr of whatsapp number issue.


You need to show a screenshot of his review to customer support and they might be able to help you.


I have sent them the order number where, I think, they can see everything (from order page).


IF they look at the order page. Screenshots are very helpful at all times to them. I wouldn’t have said send them a screenshot if I didn’t mean it. Don’t assume they look at the order page every time.


Very well said. Will definitely send them. Thanks for your kinds and valuable suggestions.


Even a chargeback will hurt your stats, speaking from experience. Fiverr even credited me the money I lost but didn’t do anything about my completion rate.

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I’m so sorry this happened to you. :frowning:
I’m a new seller, and reading this scares me. There should at-least a cut off date, for example in Australia when you buy something from a store there’s usually a 30 day return or money back policy.

Fiver should really look into limiting the amount of days someone can cancel an order, or better yet; get rid of the cancellation after delivered all together :worried:


I had a guy review me with “It was perfect” but he gave me 4 stars for “buy again.” So I don’t know if he was being sarcastic.

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You are absolutely right. Everywhere and every business has such kind of return policy. Fiverr must look into this matter and should have a cut off date.


I believe Fiverr has nothing to do with it, it’s paypal that needs to enforce the refund rule.


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The same thing happened to me too. I have completed order with a great review but next day I’ve received notification and email from fiverr." your order canceled". It’s also affected my completion rate"

I think fiverr is falling to save seller’s money.