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Order canceled after week

Customer ordered a video edit, I did it , he left me 20USD a tip and left for me 5 star feedback.
After a week he asked me to do extra work, because he forgot to mention in , but order was already marked by him as completed. Now I recieved a order cancelation, why ? I did my job, I delivered video, he used at youtube and now my 12h work is gone. :frowning: Fiverr customer service dont even want to talk about it.

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What was exact answer from customer support?
Did you send them screenshots of the tip and 5star review and that everything was delivered according to your gig description?
Did you decline request from your buyer to add that new info?


No answer still but I hope it will be okey, since i sent screenshots of review , tip and everything. I didnt decline, he even didnt need a revision, everything went smooth

@oscarspaeglis why did you accept the cancellation request?

I do not think it is possible to cancel an order after it has been rated. A few years back same thing happened to me and I reported to Customer Support and they sorted it out for me. They said it was a bug.

On a side note cancelling an order after it has been delivered is a really crappy thing to do. I am currently dealing with a client who wants to cancel the order after I have delivered it. I even offer unlimited revisions to everyone to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and this buyer doesn’t even want to revise. But sometimes we come across cheap buyers like this who want to take advantage of the cancellation button and walk away with a free product. This is a huge problem for Sellers.

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Hi there @oscarspaeglis, sorry to hear this. But I’m afraid your client had this in mind all this time… give you a 5-star rating- good review, but deep in his mind he knew he would get his money back and a free project delivered. Sorry but this is nothing unusual. It happens!! Unfortunate it happens to you. But don’t get discouraged by his actions. Good luck!!

Fiverr canceled it, not me.
They told me i cant do nothing about it .

Its cool, still almost at level 2 on here.