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Order canceled and dispute opened 10 minutes after ordering

Hi, a buyer has placed on order, few minutes later he opened a dispute and send me message telling me that he want something else what should i do?


Buyers just don’t understand what a cancellation does to a seller.

Tell him that’s not a valid reason to cancel the order. If he pushes it, contact CS and tell him their working to resolve the issue. They can cancel it it without affecting your stats.


what it does, can you please explain? i had a hard client and i offered cancellation myself because i did not want to argue with crazy man …
please explain so that i know in the future?

Yes, this is not good at all.

It’s really disappointed for any seller.
Nothing to do.

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I facing that situation

I also faced same situation. But after chatting with him I have convenience him to continue the task and he happily understand my point also give me 5 star review. Try to convenience him.