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Order Canceled and payment refunded after a 5 star review-Work is mine again, right?

Hi there! I’m new here so play nice!

I recently completed an order (a vague website bio with way more words than I should have) and delivered it on time to a very responsive client. The client loved it and gave me a five star review. A WEEK LATER, I get an email that says he canceled the order and his money was refunded. First, WTF Fiverr? Second, since he technically did not pay me for this work, I can repurpose it elsewhere, correct? No payment means it’s still mine, as far as I can tell. I was really proud of it and it is bothering the hell out of me to know this person has it after scamming me for it. I’d love to give it a deserving home.

Thank you!


This is likely the result of that buyer processing a Paypal chargeback in order to force Fiverr to give him his money back. Fiverr hates this, but nefarious buyers keep trying to do it anyway.

Absolutely. You still own the work, since the buyer broke your contract by taking his money back. Use the work as you see fit; legally, it still belongs to you.


It was such a disappointment and annoyance to wake up to so thank you for confirming that for me! That is what I thought and what I was hoping! Hopefully it will make home honest buyer very happy someday :smile:

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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finally you got amount or not?

No-I haven’t gotten paid. It was refunded to the Buyer.

oh this is not fair than go and discuss with support center

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Oh I did!! As soon as I woke up to the notification. There should be a time limit on cancelations!
But support sent the same canned response I see people posting all over this forum.

At this point I’ll take the $$ loss but want to make sure that he doesn’t get to use/have rights to something I worked hard on.

It actually happened with me once.
Everything was quite fine, I delivered everything according to client’s requirements and he gave me a five star review. But after one month later he put an dispute on that delivery and so the money was refunded to that client.
So it’s not only you , I think it was happened with others.


Yeah unfortunately after doing some research, it seems to have happened to quite a few people on this forum. I am not sure I will keep using Fiverr, as that seems like a major flaw to me. I am nervous to do another job haha! It’s too easy for people to get the work for free!

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All Fingers Are Not Equal.
I believe there are lots of good buyer out there who do not like to get the work for free.
So keep doing hard working and forget about that thing.


You are very right. Thank you!

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You are most welcome

yes this happened to me, but CS did nothing


Yeah, seems like that’s what happens in most cases. I liked the CS persons “if you don’t get paid, neither do we” line…like that makes it better!

hmmm, I am not so sure if- just forgetting about it and moving on, is the right thing to do. It is because of this attitude that a lot of people on Fiverr are falling prey to this nefarious practice of certain buyers and there is no respite in sight.

That doesn’t mean that we should always be reminiscing about this and be depressed. What I mean is- we need to put pressure on Fiverr. Yes, as always, Fiverr might be giving a drab, vague, template response to us. But we should try and escalate it and make a lot of noise! And not just accept it as fate and move on.

I think what is happening is that- incidents like these are just being handled and “hushed” by the junior and middle level management and is not making it to the senior management of Fiverr. Either that or they have no option, legally. But yeah, It would be a great idea to set a time period, say 3 days, after which, refund/charge back via Paypal is not possible anymore. But I don’t think Fiverr has a say in that as it would depends only on the policies that Paypal has.

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Do a search for ‘PayPal chargeback’ in the forum - you’ll see it’s been discussed many, many times before.

Nobody’s sitting back and letting it happen because they want their money taken away. As you point out, Fiverr can’t do anything about it - it’s PayPal’s policy, and Fiverr has to stick to it if they want to keep using them as a payment provider.


Yes, you are absolutely right. When I said “But we should try and escalate it and make a lot of noise! And not just accept it as fate and move on.”, I was just sharing my opinion in response to a comment that I read above. :slight_smile:

The Paypal chargeback policy is causing a lot of nuisance over on Twitch too (for the uninitiated, it is a website where people can live stream for an audience). It is hella annoying… period. I think it is high time Paypal does something about it. :crying_cat_face:

You wouldn’t say that if you were an eBay buyer. :wink:

They have one buyer protection policy regardless of where an item is purchased - they can’t have different ones to suit different purchases depending on where they’re bought - that would just be unfair.

It used to be 90 days, now it’s 180 days - it’s just one of those things sadly.


It’s very sad. it happened to me more than 5 times. I know how it feels. I contacted fiverr too, they said they can’t do anything about this because of PayPal dispute.

So let it go, and focus on your work. it will be better.

And think that you donated a site to an Orphan. :sunglasses:

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