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Order canceled and there is nothink you can do about it!

After promised work, days of waiting, finally guy cancels the order and I can’t even leave a Review to warn other people from the way he is doing his business??! Are you Fiverr guys for real??

There are valid reasons for a seller to cancel an order and refund a buyer’s money. Are you upset that he refunded your order, or are you upset about something else that transpired between the two of you?

Are you for real?! Waiting couple of days for something which is later not delivered and order simply canceled (on my costs!!) does not really matter right? Couple of lost days in your life doesn’t really matter, so why the hell am I upset right?! One being able to warn people from such loos is a musts have option otherwise, refund my money and keep your Fiverr joke!! This is a site for scams!!

You are welcome to hold whatever opinion that you wish, that is your right. However, it is hardly a scam if the seller refunded your money. Maybe he/she was sick, and couldn’t complete the order. Maybe an emergency came up, and the seller wasn’t able deliver on time. Maybe the seller realized that your order was too complicated for him/her to complete. There are plenty of reasons that a seller might choose to refund an order.

It would be a scam if the seller kept your money, and disappeared without delivery. it is not a scam if they are thoughtful, and refund your purchase price.

My suggestion would be to take your refund, and research another seller that might be a better fit for your needs. Talk with the new seller, and make sure that they can complete the service that you need. Then, if you like the seller and his/her work, place a new order, and let the seller do what they do best.

Exactly…often I have had to refund an order (mostly $5 orders) because I found it too difficult, or if there wasn’t enough information for me to work with. Some buyers get very angry when I do that, as though I have done some scam on them. I mean, you got your money and just move on…and it’s only $5! I think minimum wage in the US is $10/hour!

Hi, please understand there are several reasons why a seller may not be able to do an order. We are not running a scam here by asking for a mutual cancellation and refunding your money. A scam would have been, for example, sending you a plagiarised article on time and taking your money, instead of refunding you because the article was too difficult. I have on, on half a dozen occasions, refunded on the last day because I don’t do a shoddy job or a hack job, and I would rather refund the buyer instead. If you ask me - that is the opposite of a scam. I get nothing by refunding you. Sure, it’s a bad situation for both the buyer and the seller, but you have no right to call a seller who returns your money a scam artist. A scam involves an exchange of money - where is the exchange of money here? Hope you understand what I am telling you. Most people on Fiverr work very hard for very little money and it’s not right to call us scam artists or call Fiverr a “site for scams”, as you have. In my 2 years on Fiverr I have not made a single $ which I did not rightfully earn and it is the same with a majority of the sellers here. Hope you continue to remain engaged with Fiverr and I am sure you will have better experiences here in the future.

What messages did you send the seller after you ordered?

Are you for real ???
You don’t have to stare into your computer and do nothing but wait for whom ever you ordered from to reply.
Someone backing out of the order is exactly what I want them to do if they cannot complete it.
It is far more annoying when you get an order thats not complete.

Well the best thing is to discuss this with the seller and he will give you a reason about that Why did he cancel that.