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Order Canceled Automatically by Fiverr - Have you ever had this issue

I had an order automatically canceled by Fiverr support. Shocked as hell, I contacted support as I had no issue with the buyer. We had good communication and order was delivered on schedule. The buyer did not raise any issue after order was delivered and then came a mail saying the order had been canceled and the funds returned to buyer.

I contacted support almost immediately and their reply was even more shocking:
"Please note that your order #### has been cancelled automatically by the system since your buyer is no longer active on our platform.

Hope this explains your inquiry.

We apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused you.

Kind regard"

Seriously, do I lose funds if a member chooses not be active again but order has been delivered. The order was for $70 and I put time and money in working on it. The work done can not be gotten back.

So any scam buyer can create a new account on Fiverr, buy premium from any seller, get work delivered, cancels his account immediately after work is delivered, keeps work, gets money back, Fiverr is not bothered, he is just one in a million buyers, seller loses everything - capital, profit and time put into workdone. This to me is very worrisome.

I can only thank God it was just $70, what if it was a bulk order going into hundreds.

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This definitely sounds strange. I’m sorry for your loss. I may need revisit Fiverr’s TOS yet again.

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That’s odd! I have 2 orders delivered and no response from the buyer. According to Fiverr they should autocomplete after 3 days right?

Yes, that is not an issue. They will autocomplete so long the buyer does not cancel his/her Fiverr account.
The funds were returned because the buyer is no longer active on Fiverr. Meaning he canceled his account just after I delivered. I delivered 05:33December 21, 2016, Fiverr automatically canceled yesterday Decembe, 23, 2016.

I just feel it is a loophole that puts sellers at great risk of not just losing profits but even their own capital.

I think Fiverr should explain this. If a buyer can simply close the account then that’s an issue that should be looked at.

It sounds like the buyer initiated a PayPal chargeback, and Fiverr banned him for it.

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@catwriter [quote=“catwriter, post:6, topic:95464, full:true”]
It sounds like the buyer initiated a PayPal chargeback, and Fiverr banned him for it.

and so it is right then that I should be the one that bears the loss for everything.

@datwriterguy Of course it’s not right. Read through the forum and you will see the issue coming up again and again, and everyone complaining about it. That’s why some sellers won’t accept large projects, because they can’t be certain that Fiverr will protect them in the case of chargeback.

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Yes, that´s correct. All my orders where the buyers didn´t have the time to log in and accept them within those 3 days past delivery, did autocomplete.

Don´t worry about a buyer not responding to your delivery, the most common reason I think is that they just don´t have or take the time.
The point to start worrying is, when they require a revision - and that´s no real reason to worry either, as it´s common and often not because your work was faulty, but because the buyer didn´t leave clear enough instructions and only when you delivered sees that they want it different, at least before they start to require revision after revision (see some forum posts to that phenomenon) :wink: or when the orders don´t autocomplete after 3 days. In the latter case no reason to worry at first either, but taking it to Customer Support, might be a technical problem too and not necessarily mean that the buyer cancelled their account or the buyer’s account got cancelled or something like that.

All this though makes me want the often-asked-for ‘Make buyers’ reviews as visible as sellers’s are’ even more.

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That actually should be a good point even from fiverr’s side for granting sellers the wish to be able to see buyers’ reviews. I´ve been lucky with my bigger orders so far, but within that 6 months (?) PayPal chargebacks could happen, I´m still left with that vague feeling that the payment for weeks! of work/my life suddenly could be gone.

And if many sellers don´t accept bigger orders, some buyers might give it up altogether to get their work done on fiverr and go elsewhere with their big work.

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In the case of a chargeback the buyer still needs to provide proof to PayPal that he didn’t get the services he purchased right?

@miiila Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:

This is definitely a loophole that can be exploited by malicious buyers.

I once had a buyer dispute the payment for my gig on PayPal. Needless to say, fiverr cancelled the order and refunded the money. Never mind that it was two weeks after I had completed the work and the buyer left a wonderful review. I felt mad, cheated, and frustrated but there was just nothing I could do. They even blocked me so I couldn’t contact them. Never bothered to contact support coz i knew there was nothing helpful that would come out of it.

Fiverr needs to look into these issues.

The funniest thing about this whole issue is the buyer was distributing a release about a non-profit group of individuals exposing weaknesses in UK and International Law that are detrimental to consumers. He ended up exposing to me weaknesses in the Fiverr system that are detrimental to sellers.

I am just puzzled as to why he wanted to rip off the system and why I have to bear the brunt for everything. I surely would have shared his site if I was sure he owned it and not just another thieving freelancer who was contacted to do work but decided to scam another one.

Fiverr seriously has issues, they put the seller at too much risk. And again all the talk of a paypal chargeback. I am from Nigeria and don’t use paypal, should you use paypal to buy for something and probably is not impressed and you ask for a refund, would they just give a refund without contacting the seller and asking his side of the story. Please paypal users let me know.

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This happens when the buyer initiates a Paypal dispute. Fiverr does not even starts to defend sellers, even though we have spent time, effort, sometimes actual materials sent over the post. Fiverr only makes things worse by cancelling the buyer’s fiverr account, so I can’t even communicate with the buyer, asking the reason of the paypal dispute.

All you can do is be suspicious of high value orders, a red flag is if it’s from a brand new Fiverr account. If a buyer is here for two-three years already, it’s mostly safe.

I am sure it’s a legal hurdle for Fiverr as well, it would be great if Fiverr could come to an agreement with Paypal, or at least fight for us - I have lost hundreds of dollars this way, and it is also discouraging as a seller.


Maybe Fiverr could introduce buyer tiers - and if a young account initiates a chargeback - just don’t comply. But what am I thinking, money comes from the buyers, so they are automatically “right”, even if it’s an obvious scam.

There ya go!

Almost most of these “Complaint” threads could easily start with the above statement and end with it as well!

Yeah, however this is discouraging to sellers, and we are also part of the equation. At least I want to see an effort from Fiverr to filter out the claims with absolutely no merit.

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It’s not a loophole but it’s when buyers do paypal chargeback then their account is restricted & funds are reversed.

So what do you call it if buyers do paypal chargeback then their account is restricted & funds are reversed, they keep workdone, fiverr loses very little or next to nothing and buyer loses all including his own funds used in processing the work? Please can you give me a better word?

Same thing happened to me yesterday. A dispute was opened, order was cancelled, refunded and was asked to discontinue my work on that order, which was already completed. I contacted the support, but they said that the payments are being held by Paypal and it’s not in Fiverr’s hands anymore. It was a $50 order and I hope I get them back.