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Order Canceled By Seller- My Money Was NOT Refunded!

I purchased a white board video for $178 because it was longer than usual and etc. The Seller said that he couldn’t complete the order. The order was NOT refunded into my account. I’m not receiving any Fiverr credits. I contacted customer support and have an open ticket. I tried contacting the seller and he’s blocked me so I can’t even ask him to ensure the money is refunded.

This is really frustrating. We’re not talking about $5 we’re talking about $178! That’s a lot. He said he couldn’t do a basic white board video that he was advertising on here that he could do!

Can someone please help. Normally a cancelled order shows up right away and the money is refunded. This is the first time I’ve experienced this type of situation. Can someone let me know if a refund takes longer than usual?

I don’t understand.


I’ve never heard of this happening before, but don’t panic, I’m sure it can be resolved with some patience.

Did the seller offer you a cancellation that you accepted?

When you go to manage orders does it show up as cancelled?

How long has it been since you opened the ticket and did you send only one ticket?

I was checking back for your reply, but since you haven’t replied, I assume your issue was resolved.