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Order canceled due to client's personal problem but still affected rating

Hello, a buyer placed an order and everything was smooth. He came back an hour later and said that he has to cancel the order because his grandmother is dying and he has money issues. On humanity basis, I had to accept his cancelation since I read on fiver forums that mutual cancellation won’t affect rating. But as soon as I canceled, my order completion rate fell to 75%
Why did this happen? It is not my fault


Try to open a support ticket and tell the full overview of your order


Hi, I understand your frustration. Unfortunately, mutual cancelation in this way affects the completion rate.
The right way would be, open a support ticket with the details and ask to cancel the order from the support team. In this way, you could avoid negative impressions on your cancellation rate.

Another point, after cancellation, the client gets that money back as Fiverr credit, not real cash. So, your buyer still can’t get support after cancellation.

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I’m not sure we’re you read it on fiverr forum because every 5th topic is about how cancellation affected stats. It’s one of the most discussed things and I haven’t seen anyone saying that it doesn’t affect your stats in at least 3-4 years…

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visit the fiverr support and you will get back your stats to 100 percent

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