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Order canceled! help me please

My buyer accept the delivery and give 5 star but now order has been canceled by fiverr. whats the reason?? what should i do now??

How long after the buyer marked the order as complete was it cancelled by Fiverr? I’m not sure but it sounds like the buyer did a chargeback, try checking on the profile of the buyer – if you can see that you can’t view his/her profile anymore, most likely it was a chargeback…


Did you get any e-mail from Fiverr team. Maybe they sent you reason of the cancel the order. If you don’t get any e-mail. Contact with CS. I hope they will help you about that issue. Good luck.


Does your buyer still have a Fiverr account? If not then the chances are it’s a PayPal chargeback I’m afraid. :frowning:

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Yes his account is still active.

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Hm - like the others have said all you can do is contact CS to find out - unusual for a 5 star review then cancellation not to be a chargeback.

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i am really shocked. he give me 5 star review. but order canceled…


Seems to be part of the new but gone/only occasionally advertised Fiverr guarantee. I had a $70 order cancelled recently by CS. The buyer is, however, using both the work and the Getty image supplied by me/Fiverr in the final delivery. All you can do is try and be careful.

I should contact fiverr?

Yeah, contact Fiverr Customer Support and politely ask for an explanation for what happened.

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Contact Customer Support. I hope it will help!

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I think buyer Dispute her paypal account in fiverr.

Thank you. already do it. waiting for response

I was manually canceled a order few days ago and now one order canceled by fiverr,
its very painful for me, is there any chance to disable my account?

I understand how those cancelled orders would be painful for you :frowning: Yes, there is a way to disable your account, I think it’s in the settings area… :frowning:

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Pray for me mate…I am new here. its really very painful for me. i text my buyer but he not responding now

I’m not sure “text” is the right term, but I understand you contacted the buyer. Just make sure you are not coming off as intrusive and privy, just explain politely that you just want to know if he/she had any problems regarding the order he/she placed as you noticed it got cancelled.

It’s okay if you’re new, we all have to start somewhere. Here’s a thread with a lot of tips that you might want to check out.