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Order canceled with msg missed delivery date BUT

Hello everyone,
I have a serious problem with Fiverr, I received an email with order canceled due to missing the delivery date, and the strange thing is the delivery date is one day away, The order is canceled 21 August when the delivery date is August 23. AND the same client had another custom order and the order was completed and sumitted and the client marked as completed, yet he was refunded based on this order. Is there a technical error or this is fraud that Fiverr is not aware of. I have send customer service and waiting to see what they say. I can not longer contact the client either. And on top of that my profile rating went down from 100% to 83%…Anyone had such experience. It is really worrying me about the effectiveness of dispute centre


Have you checked their profile? Do they still have a Fiverr profile?

I did, they do not have profile anymore, it can not be contacted, This is my best client, I am guessing there are technical problems with the bank as the Fiverr suggested in the cancelation letter which indicates either the client has canceled or there are bank issues. I will see what Fiverr comes back with

Could be a chargeback then. Fiverr bans buyers who do that.

Thank you so much for the info, I think that is the case.

But is it fair … that my profile drops to 83% from 100% when it is not my fault? I sent email to CS and waiting for reply.

Of course it’s not fair, but there are no guarantees that CS will do something about it.

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They did something about it… and they did came back to me and gave me good answer and resolved everything.