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Order cancellation after 12 days of hold and delivered works


Yesterday i had awful experience with Fiverr . I have delivered an order, i’m a telegram bot developer, and everything was fine. Bot was installed and configured on client server. I close the order and after 3 days it was closed automatically so i start to wait for this huge hold period. And yesterday, when there is only 2 days left for my money release, order suddenly canceled and funds are returned to client. His account disappeared and it’s only said like ‘The user account you are looking for is no longer available.’. I’ve spend 5 days on it and it’s not a small order, it was cost 250$. So,eventually, the money was refunded and client gets the bot(pretty complex bot) for free?
I don’t understand where is the justice ?
For what Fiverr taking such a big commission (20%) if they don’t defend both side (i don’t know for the client side, but seller side is definitely not defended)

So here is the story, and i think this is a BIG bug, cause if it’s not a bug, in this case i don’t see any reasons to stay and work on this platform.


I’m so sorry to hear that. Maybe the buyer’s account was banned/deactivated.

You’ll get other orders pretty soon … be positive! Although, I know that is hard right now


Maybe the buyer account will banned


I’m sure it was banned, but why do they took my money?) I earned it, i put a lot of effort and delivered it in time. I don’t mind if they ban him for violation, i’m disappointed that i was punished because of someone else behavior.


Did you contact Customer Support? They may be able to explain or help. The forum is made up of other sellers and buyers.


i think it was


Yes, i’ve send a support request yesterday, but i still don’t get any answer.


They often need 48 hours or so to respond.


I’m pretty positive. Just would like to get all the details how’s that happens and what Fiverr will do to prevent this situation in future. I don’t want to lose any money because of scamers. Besides i thought this 20% commission which Fiverr takes, it for all the secure measures they did, but looks like it not.


Thank you for your support. I know that they need some time to reply. I just want to share my story and alert all the other sellers to be careful in choosing the buyers


Sounds like the buyer did a PayPal chargeback and was banned because of that.


Hm, but how can fiverr do a chargeback if work was done and delivered? In this case i think they must decline this chargeback. Or what, in this case user can get any service for free and then just sign up again


Looks like a serious bug in Fiverr logic.


It’s not Fiverr doing the chargeback, it’s the buyer, and then Fiverr deducts the money from your balance (and bans the buyer who did it).

CS might be able to help you get your funds back, but there are no guarantees. Chargebacks are a risk for any business.



Just for those who also get in such situation. As CS told me buyer made

a chargeback filed for the payment of this order outside of Fiverr. The funds are now being held by the payment vendor, and are not in our hands. "

It means that money, that i was earned is out of Fiverr system and Fiverr can’t help. The only thing that Fiverr can do is:

may be required to cancel a transaction or put it on hold (for example - stolen credit card or other fraud activities). This is part of the service we provide to maintain a safe environment for our users.

CS tries to calm me down with words:

Keep in mind that when you don’t get paid, neither does Fiverr, and we have no access to the funds.

But it’s not them worked on this order for last 5 days, so it’s east to say that.


I can say goodbye to those money.


Fiverr didn’t defend sellers interests at all. I don’t understand how any payment system can get paid so fast. Refund happens in few hours. Plus if system marked this behavior as fraud, why they do the refunds at all and don’t try to decline chargeback.

Well guys, that’s all. All is left is waiting and hoping that financial department will resolve this issue, but i’m very doubt about it.


Unfortunately when a stolen card or other fraud is involved, there is nothing that Fiverr can do to defend you.
If that is what happened then it may be an idea to share any contact info/website address or anything else that could be used to recognize who the client was with customer support to pass on to Paypal and then Law enforcement but of course that won’t help you. This type of fraud is impossible to deal with and Paypal’s and bank’s policies are to refund to the card owner without any exceptions.

You may find this post I wrote in January about Chargebacks helpful to understand the process a bit better as well as find some tips to avoiding these in future. Thankfully these are a very small percentage of orders that happen here and it is very important to only agree to large orders with people you trust.


Thanks, your article is really useful. Probably i really just need few days to chill and forget about it.


Fiverr is *********. The same happened to me and they said there is nothing they can do. SELLERS ARE NOT PROTECTED AS BUYERS ARE ALLOWED TO CANCEL ORDERS HOW THEY WANT. I FEEL LIKE NOT WORKING HERE ANYMORE TOO.


There is no help support can give. Complaining is a waste of time.


For all who interested how’s all this situation was solved, i’m glad to announce, that fiverr just now has restored my earningd and load all the money back to my account

I’m so glad, that Fiverr takes full responsebilities and fight for our rights!

I’m very appreciate to Fiverr support and Fiverr financial departmetn for all the effort they’ve made!

Nevertheless , hope nobody of you will ever get in such situation.

Cheers Guys!