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Order Cancellation and Dispute effects



I need your reviews on these situation. please help me.

  1. What should I do if I complete a job according to my gig but a client then force me to work on same project as he stated he delivered me wrong project. I also did try on new project but there was technical issue, that’s why I can’t complete this?

  2. Will client be able to leave a review if I filed a dispute and it goes on my favor?

I’ll highly appreciate your opinion on this.



It sounds to me like the buyer is playing games.

Report and you will win (if the info you give here is true) but your feedback ratings will probably take a hit.


Since you can’t do the impossible, ask the Buyer to accept a mutual cancellation. You can give the reason for the cancellation as the “Buyer requested additional work I can’t provide” and be done with the problem You won’t get a bad review, but you will get a black mark for the cancellation. Don’t raise a dispute and don’t contact CS directly; it’s futile and only turns one black mark into two.


I had an order cancelled by CS today. There was no black mark. The buyer didn’t read, pitched a fit and disappeared when I offered a mutual cancellation. By going to CS, I got a ‘mutual cancellation’, as he didn’t respond to my messages nor theirs,and I got to not worry about a grade A asshat anymore.

I do this with all mutual cancellations that are not accepted within 24 hours, especially if the buyer is displaying a wildebeest of the Asshattery Plains attitude to begin with.

Fiverr has many faults, but approaching CS correctly gets the right results and they are likely under just as much pressure as we are to deliver the right results everytime. It’s Fiverr corporate that is the one apparently crumbling into dust with incompetence. Just look at the recent marketing dept exodus along with the most common complaints on the (admittedly not all that reliable–spot the rather feeble positive review!) Glassdoor.

in any case, this is all academic if the buyer is using reviews to manipulate the seller. This is a violation of TOS, and will lead to no review being published if handled correctly. If the buyer sent the wrong project, that’s on the buyer, and nobody else.

OP, throw the book at this μαλακα.


buyer dispute for cancel the order
what i can do please help me


try to mutual cancellation…