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Order cancellation- But what about the delivered product?

I want to highlight a problem with the process of order cancellation.
First of all my default customer service is to give the best customer experience- high quality products and excellent customer service , if I see that I can’t help my buyer with his project and we need to agree to cancel an order I’ll do it. But in that case I have a big issue that comes along with the cancellation process.
The buyer ends up with my product that i supplied and worked hard to deliver, and I end up with no money and the possibility of getting a bad ranking in the Fiverr search.
As for today, there isn’t any guarantee for the seller that the buyer will not use the product delivered, even if the product is so called “not what I was looking for”, “not to my standards” etc.
I think that Fiverr needs to find a way that allowed the costumers to listen/ preview the final work but not to be able to doanload it until a full approve of the project. That way the costumer gets the work, or the refund, and the seller gets the money, or the product without the “fear” it will get stolen.

Thank you
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When you do the work to the standard you describe in your gig then you should not cancel.
Forget the “not what I expected” etc, if you did the work as you described and to their instruction then dont cancel. That’s the way business works. Once you get over 100 reviews as you have, an occasional bad review won’t hurt you at all.
This way there is no chance of it being stolen.
Not everything should be down to Fiverr, you need to be proactive in protecting your business too.

Thanks, you have a point. But the bad review isn’t my concern, this is not why I agree to cancel. I just thinks that Fiverr, as the sellers, needs to be a part of that solution.

Why would you cancel then?
What you do is almost completely customized, you can’t resell what a buyer rejects so they should pay for it regardless.

You’re right, that’s true.

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