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Order cancellation by seller

I am new to Fiverr and it is my first order. I created a gig for 100 dollars, and he was not satisfied with my work. He wanted a cancellation, but I did not want it and contacted with Fiverr support team. After Fiverr support team’s response, I wanted a cancellation, too because the buyer would not be satisfied with the work anyway. Now I’m wondering if I will pay anything? I am just a student and I do not have money. Will I have to pay anything if the order is cancelled? I did not take the money (100 dollars) too. Please help me!


Hi, a very common problem indeed
You have 2 options.

  1. First, cancel the order and refund the $100 and learn from this and sharpen up your skills. But it will affect your completion rate , and quite hard to climb back since you are a new seller.

  2. Don’t cancel , take the money , but the buyer will give you 1 star review definitely. Buyer is not allow to cancel the order because of the poor quality of the work. But that 1 star review will definitely draw away all the buyers.

Hope this helps


Thanks for answering! I did not take 100 dollars, my account says I have $0 so how Fiverr can take the money that I did not receive? If I cancel the order, will I need to pay money that I did not receive?

Yes, the $100 isn’t Available to you because Your buyer didn’t approve the order / delivery. The money is still pending. And even the buyer approve , the $80 ( fiverr took 20%) will need to wait for 14days before you can transfer to your bank

Again thanks for sharing information, but the thing is, will I pay anything if I cancel it even though I did not receive anything? Will my balance go minus?

No, once you cancel the order , the $100 will return to the buyer balance . Your account won’t have any minus . The only thing you lost is your time …

But I just realised , do you think your work is poorly done ? Or maybe you are getting scammed by the buyer , which is a very common thing

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I made the work, and he said it was poorly made. I think yes it would be better and I said I can deliver more detailed work and he said he does not want it, he wanted to change the order from $100 to $20. I do not know what to do as it is my first order…

Plus, I cannot change the offer to a decrease one, so I need to cancel the order and create a different order, and I heard that people getting minus balance on their accounts and I was afraid as a poor student…

Don’t worry, your situation won’t get a minus amount . You can ask the buyer to order a $20 gig and then cancel the $100

Thank you but still, my offer was below the market price, and now I am trying to solve the situation. Thanks for your help, have a good day!

That correct, brother. I think you should do this

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