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Order cancellation choice for buyer

Dear Fiverr,

Can you please introduce an option for buyers like "order cancellation enabled " and “order cancellation disabled” before ordering the gig.

I have faced many time, they get everything and cancel the order.


not possible disable this service

@habibur899 not clear :frowning:

Fiverr offers the right to cancel to all buyers, so they won’t add such an option. It’s buyer protection, some sellers would obviously abuse such a feature.

It’s better if they would add the ability to stop buyers from purchasing gig multiples. That’s a problem for a lot of people.

@donnovan86 yes. there are bad sellers and buyers both.

Exactly, which is why they will never do what you want here. You can’t lock someone out of a refund, just put yourself in a buyer’s shoes, would you buy without having a safety net in case the work is really bad? Most likely not.

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