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Order cancellation / customer made mistake?

I have the problem that an other user on the plattform mistakenly made an order for one of my gigs and immeditately told if its ok for me to cancel the order (the fully conversation is of course available for the fiverr-support).

He wrote to me:
I need to apologise. I made a mistake ordering your gig, can i cancel it on my side which i cannot see any feature for me to do this. Maybe i need to start the gig then cancel it.
I will require your services for sure but not right now. Later will be buying some shares and will require your help. I have saved you in my contacts to contact later. Im sorry for the confusions now.

For me this was no problem and of course i canceled the order and wished him all to best and hope to see him in the future.

But a little bit later i saw the my order completion decreased immeditately…

I tried to reach someone from the fiverr-support to clarify that but i saw no contact possibility so far (mail, from, etc.)

Is there somewhere a fiverr support where i can / should ask my question (or is this forum the correct place)?
Is there anything i can do so i again have 100% order completion (due the fact this was a mistake of my probably customer…)?
And how should i act with this thing in the future? Should i really reject such questions from customers when the mistakenly ordered my gig - this would be not very customer friedly for me…?


Nope, you can’t. It’s automatic. Some cancellations matter more than others. But if you cancel an order, you do end up penalized even if it’s the customer that made a mistake.

Guess why I have more than a dozen cancellation in the past 60 days? Aside from a couple of scammers, the others are just people that made a mistake.

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Here’s some general info:

Hey rapidtech, please read this thread in which we helped a seller get their 100% stat back after a cancellation they made: Everything is going great but then
Worked for me too for a far more innocuous order which didn’t belong to my gig’s area.

A similar situation happened to me before, and Customer Support fixed my order completion rate. You should contact them and explain everything in detail. Here is the link.

thanks @uptwee - this was the perfect tipp

made a service ticket - and within less than 1hour i get back my 100%

very good service

But i am still not sure where i can find the link to make support-tickets on the fiverr-homepage - but your direct link worked perfect - thanks a lot!

You are most welcome! I’m glad I was able to help.
The link I sent you is the one I use every time I need help from support, you can also check “help and support” section. You can find it if you scroll all the way down the home page Here.

Good to know it. A friend of mine told me a couple of weeks ago a similar situation, and while it he got it fixed, it took a while.