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Order cancellation due to buyer's account ban

Recently I have worked with a client. He directly placed the order and I done his work and sent him to review. But unfortunately order was cancelled by fiverr customer support and the buyer has been banned before getting his reply. I don’t mind the cancellation, but it affected to my order completion rate. There is no fault from my side and it’s not fair because buyer banned and it affected to the completion rate.

Any thoughts regarding the issue?


Yes, it’s most probably a charge back. It is popular these days, scammers, buy a service on Fiverr, get the work done, then do a charge back (mostly on PayPal).
You can contact Fiverr CS to help you, they might refund you the amount and/or remove the cancellation from your profile, I am not sure what their action will be regarding this.
Please search the forum about this issue, it is very common nowadays.