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Order cancellation effected my profile

Yesterday i got order cancellation and I did accept the cancellation because somehow client was not being specific about what he wants, and was denying the delivery even after accepting the design sample in the chat. I forward the details to customer support.

Now I noticed my buyer requests aren’t showing up like it used to, every other hour there is atleast 1 request but usually there are like 10+ requests on 12 pm in my country.

What is this problem :confused:


As a non-level seller, cancellations do affect the number of buyer requests you see.

If you can prove that the client was wrong and not you (for example they didn’t communicate what they want, or they ordered by mistake) - you can ask customer support to cancel the order so that it does not affect your stats.

As sellers we should not abuse this option, but it’s worth doing if the mistake is genuinely on the buyer’s side.

In time, successfully completing more orders will improve your stats and allow you to see more buyer requests.


I explained the whole scenario how did he manipulate the idea of getting the design and scam away with it, I don’t give extra revision or just 2 revision. He asked for unlimited revision and he came down to 5. I had a feeling how is he using this idea to get away with the design layout, and eventually he did.
He disputed with reason that the design quality is not good, and i rejected and disputed myself stating the buyer wasn’t mentioning enough information.

I did contact immediately the fiverr support and hand over the screenshots of our chat.
I just want to justify I did the work well and good up to what he had asked.

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I’ve noticed something similar. I had a buyer who genuinely purchased the wrong gig from me. I requested that they cancel - they did, then purchased the correct gig, but since then - I’ve had no new gig purchases and my stats have gone way done. Very frustrating.