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Order Cancellation fact

One of my clients despute his order and request me to to accept to cancel the order. I have no way so I accept to cancel it.
Now my Order completion is 75%,fiverr has said me to make 90% order completion before next evolution.
I want to know,does this effect my rangking? or If I don’t able to make the completion 90%,then what will happen?

Since you are a no level seller that cannot lose a level, the only thing that will happen is you will not be able to see Buyer Requests. :confused:

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Retry to accept to your buyer. Convince Him/Her.

He despute the order,and req me to cancel the order. So what has happened? then when I just wrote a msg on the order chat,and after sending tge msg, fiverr said me that I accept the cancellation and it is mutually closed.

Is it sure that My buyer request system will disappear? or may b?