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Order Cancellation Impact!


Hi All,
What is the impact if being a Seller I want to cancel an order ?
Please help urgently !



I am not sure what you mean. :confused:

You already know that canceling an order reduces your order completion rate and that if it is below 90% during the next month’s evaluation, you will not be eligible for a level upgrade, right?

What else would you like to know? :thinking:


Thanks, I know it will impact me any way. But first time happening, not getting help from Buyer. Not understanding something and its just helpless. Really upset :pensive:


Don’t let order cancellations affect you. They are inevitable; at some point or the other, every seller experiences it.

Just learn from your experiences. If there was something you could have done differently to have stopped the buyer from canceling the order, make a note of it and keep it in mind for all your future orders.

Just continue offering excellent service to your customers and your order completion rate should recover sooner than later.

Good luck! :snowflake:


Thanks @hanshuber16 - I will follow that.


I can tell you this, 2 cancellations by me this month have killed my position & visibility