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Order cancellation impact

Advance thanks for reading this big article.I have completed 9th order successfully. But after that, I got a client. I designed the full website according to his instruction. Finally, he said post customization required. It was a Wordpress theme. Not easy to edit code function. I did the same according to his screenshot and transferred my design on this domain. After doing it, I showed him. He said forget it, you can’t do it. Please cancel the order. I became surprised. I told him designed full website, did the thing last you mentioned same, now u want to cancel. told again to me, cancel the order otherwise, I report you. I got afraid though it is ok. I canceled the order. Then I said, as you didn’t like my work, why you have asked to transfer. He said just.

I feel not good for that. I forget this. Now after that I am not getting a knock from the client. But before canceling I was getting knocks a day 2 or 3. But now 0 knocks from clients.

So anyone there to suggest me, can I get a knock from the client or finished?
How to get back past position or get a client like before.
Thanks for reading a big article.



Please remove the country from the post, mentioning countries is against the forum rules, and scammers can be from any country, they are everywhere.
If you have completed the order, you shouldn’t have canceled. I never cancel a completed order.

As for the position, work harder, reach your target audience, and you will get back into position in no time.

Good luck.


As @ammarshrf told If you have completed the order as your gig description then I also think you should deliver the order .


Don’t accept a cancellation if you completed the work or are in the process of doing so. Every time they try to cancel refuse the request.


But client force to do it. Otherwise he will report on me.

I delivered. he didn’t accept it. Told me to cancel otherwise , will report on me.

Report you for what? For doing the work that was required? For delivering what he asked for? Or refusing not to be scammed?

Keep delivering every time they cancel.


By that, will I get postive result?

Worst case scenario Fiverr eventually sides with buyer and they cancel the order. Best case scenario the buyer comes to terms that you will not cancel and acceots the order followed by a crappy 1 star review.

Wait until he tells all his friends about you. They all going to know where to get their websites done for free.

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Did you set unlimited revisions?

5 REVISION I HAVE SET. Thanks, everyone for replying, I am new here, don’t have experience about negative issues. However, for now how to improve my sell again?

Check this tips .

And You are welcome :grinning:

Best Of Luck