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Order Cancellation On fiverr is Like Game


Hello Fiverr Friends…
One of Buyer have order work for my wordpress gig, after completion of the work need some changes required the buyer said :
(I do not have the requirements. We could do it in two weeks time. Sorry for now…
I just got into a new job and can not work here constantly…
Please Cancel the Order, Thanks
and he chnage the passwords and other things!!!

what should i do know cancel the order ?
what about my work ?
is fiverr can support for this ??
or i just lost my work , time and money on it ??

please reply it asap …
thanks for support experts


Hello, I fear if you want to talk to the Fiverr Team = staff, you will have to contact Customer Support:


i am waiting for reply from customer support


i also put this here to get help from you experts


I think showing your buyer name on here is against the Tos! I am not sure about it but i read it somewhere.


Oh then Lets play it. :smirk:

Anyways, Naming or shaming a buyer/seller is against Forum Guidelines and will result in your posts being flagged. Kindly edit them or someone will flag it. Also you have to send those screenshots to Customer support. We cannot help you in this regard. Keep us posted.
Good Luck :thumbsup:


anyways dear thanks for this information


Here is another helpful post about calling people DEAR! Calling People Dear


No he should not cancel an order after you do the work.

You can refuse to allow this.


But how if the buyer and the seller can’t find the deal until the delivery time showing " Late " what suppose to do ?


take note
seller don’t have protection again’s the buyer.
as you can see on report section/Resolution Center
you notice all the text are from buyers protection

“ask to cancel”
“extend delivery”
"bla bla bla"
not a single 1 for us


Now this is usual practice here , it is happening here thousands of time with alot of sellers , buyers let the work done and after completion they use to generate some issue and asked to cancel the order and got their money back .

I have listened from buyers that fiverr is the place where you can get your work done free of cost and on inquiring they told me the same technique.

If fiverr will not make any policy regarding this then soon there will be a time when every second seller will complain about this issue because :

Neither seller can receive negative review and now with the new policy of fiverr specially against the sellers they cannot even cancel the order .

Cheers to the future of sellers on fiverr and fiverr must realise this that without sellers fiverr is nothing!!


this is been an issue alot
and the way to avoid this is "self protection"
i called that "the forbidden technique"
thank you for youre free service LOL


AFTER SENT TWO MESSAGE DIDN’T GET ANY RESPONSE WHEN I CANCEL THE ORDER FINALLY GOT THE MESSAGE FROM SUPPORT (I see that the order has already been cancelled by mutual agreement between you and the buyer. )