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Order cancellation or bad review

Unfortunately, the buyer is not satisfied. But he placed the order.
Now should I request support for cancellation ? Bcz am sure he will leave bad review.
So cancellation is better. Am I right?

Have you gone down all routes to possibly improve your delivery? Perhaps offer a free revision? It might lead to a positive review and no cancellation.

No, he clearly said me good bye! And perhaps he moved to another seller.

If you aren’t able to deliver a satisfactory product I would suggest to the buyer that they cancel the order. That means they get their money back. Either way will leave you with a mark on your record unfortunately.

Requesting support for cancellation of order do not effect order completion i think?
And yes that will be a mark in my records. Is it better than a bad review?

But technically you didn’t complete the order? So surely you should let the buyer cancel and take the hit of the lost completion.

Cancel order.

If you cancel your completion rate will drop but you can easily raise this with next orders.

If you get negative you can never erase that.

So if you know for sure buyer is going to leave negative and he is not open to discussion and reviews, think cancel. But make sure that you write you are sorry he is not willing to give you proper treatment as qualified buyer (it wont matter to anyone but this remark will be in your records if you ever need to refer to it not being your fault).


@muneebashraf524 Try communicating with your Buyer. :pineapple:

Ask probing questions like…

Why he’s dissatisfied with the order? What can you do to fix the problem, etc?

Communication is key here. Immediately diving into canceling an order is not wise. Listen to what the Buyer says and see if it’s something you can resolve without losing the order and tanking your stats.

Not sure if it is not too late now because

Buyer could interpret further questions as spam.

You offer 99,99 % money back guarantee if Buyer is not satisfied. I think this is what Buyer wants now…

Cancel, forgive, forget and move on.

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