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Order cancellation problem to sellers

Hi there, I have been having problems with clients that purchase orders without asking the price of the service, the problem is that once they know the price of the service they decide to cancel, and this affects my profile.

I place on all my gigs “please contact me before ordering” but still receiving orders from clients that do not read this message.

I think fiverr should not affect your profile for this things

Please try to adjust the gig pricing in a way that reflects the actual pricing at which you offer your service. This is a way to reduce cancellation ratio.


Are the prices on your gigs not accurate? If not, you should price them accordingly and add gig extras for common upsells. This way, there will be no need to tell a client that the cost is different than what you have listed. Many people just like to place an order rather than talking to you first.

but for the type of services I do is pretty difficult to set a standard price, that is why I talks with them first and after I set my price

we have nothing to do.

yes but everitime I cancel my profile is being affected, las month my level was demoted due to the ammount of cancellations