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Order Cancellation review

Hello, so I’m wondering if I canceled an order can the buyer give me a negative review for doing that?
The reasons of cancellation is something personal.
Thank you!


No, buyer will not able not give you negative feedback. Byt buyer able to send private feedback and it will visible only for fiverr support team.

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Yeah, thank you for your reply.

Will this have any effect on our gig placemennt if the buyer send some message to fiverr support?

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yes cause when you will cancel the order then you will lost money and gig placement

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If it’s mutual cancel then he can give private review i mean the reason why you cancelled the order to the fiverr team
but it will not show on your profile :slight_smile:


Hello guys, I am facing an issue my client work, I completed his task( Onpage SEO of site *. ), but there is some problem from customer end that was not my fault and I am trying to tell him, if he not satisfied with my work then I am able to receive my money or not? because I worked hard for his project.
Thankyou :frowning:

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If you want help you need to make your own post under your own heading.

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This is really helpful, because if the buyer would have had the right to leave a negative review anyway, this would push the sellers to deliver either unqualitative product or exhaust themselves to overdo to meet the requirements. The cancellations are the good way to avoid any misunderstandings for example if the buyer hasn’t written before ordering or wants too much for the price… etc.

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i think no he cannot be able to give ratings

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its able to write review , i just received one negative review after customer cancel and refund .
Its not fair , any competitor will use this “bug” to down rate 5 stars
Maybe admins will fix this

Order #FO511CD41AB46

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agree… with you

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