Order cancellation saga


Hello Good People of FIVERR.

I want your opinion on this.

Do you think someone that decides to cancel an order and goes away with a service without payment deserves to review the gig?

Here is my opinion (perhaps wrong)

I don’t think a buyer that cancelled an order should be allowed to review. How will you rate a food by taste, if you didn’t eat it. You can actually rate by look, however, your perception of it might be distorted. And in no way can this rating be compared with the rating from someone that ate the food…

How on earth will someone who decides not to spend money on my product have the right to review it.


They don’t if the gig is cancelled before it’s completed etc. unless you’ve encountered something different?

If they got a refund via PayPal chargeback after it was finished etc. then that’s a different matter.


No, I don’t think so either. Why do you ask since it currently can’t be done?


I’m also thinking this happened, I don’t see any other explanation.


Maybe he just posted this as theoretical. We may never know.


Thank you very much.
Before you start wondering how I could be this uninformed.
Let me start by saying
I’m a new seller. …

On even some good seller’s account,
I have been seeing this random one star review and a feedback that says “order cancelled, seller failed to deliver”.
Just wondering why someone will rate a cancelled order , or is that kind of review automated?

After seeing one of this kind of reviews, during the transaction that led to my last cancelled order. Against my will, I had to make peace with a terrible buyer that was obviously trying to cheat me. An irate $5 buyer !!!

I was in dread of a negative review & feedback after cancellation.


Yes the 1 star rating and “order cancelled, seller failed to deliver on time” is an automated rating and review.

It’s when an order is very late and I think the buyer is sent the option of whether to cancel. If they agree I think it automatically gets cancelled with that rating & message.

Normal cancellations don’t get any review like said above.


Thank you very much, this really satisfied my curiosity.


i am facing exact same situation but there nothing no one can do for this


Buyer can cancel and leave a review only in one case: if you failed to deliver on time.


You are right. I think so.