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Order Cancellation suddenly


I am not sure what the problem is all going well with the order almost 95% work completed and delivery is pending after 4-5 days and today the order canceled and I didn’t get any message from the buyer. Anyone let me know what happened because it’s very strange? My Order completion rate also affected badly with this strange cancellation buyer I and the buyer was going good on this order.

Any Suggestions?

Thank you.


I am sorry, but how are we supposed to know why the buyer canceled the order? They’re your buyer and you are the one who interacted with them. :confused: I don’t think anyone on the forum would know why your buyer canceled the order.

I don’t think you can do anything at this point. There’s no way of reinstating canceled orders. In my opinion, the only option you have is to just move on to the next order.

Good luck! :snowflake: