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Greetings to all,
I have to problelm which i want to discuss you all to get the solution. I recieve a order in which i have to bet on website on sports and other things and i have to pay also. But the things is that website is scam. I asked buyer to i m not interested in this project. But he did’nt cancel what can i do Please Help me asap. its just 14 hours left to submit order…


You can contact fiverr support and ask them to cancel the order for you because the client is trying to use fiverr platform for their fraudulent actions and it’s against fiverr tos.

They will for sure cancel it for you.


Some people really have no soul. :frowning:

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Thanks dear to reply but the customer support will take 24-48 hours to reply but 12 hours left to submitting order. if i cannot submit i hit my profile ranking.
I have contact to the customer support and submitted my report. but now what can i do if the customer support does not cancel the order until the deadline.

Same happens with me. How to sort out this?

Nothing else you can do if you buyer declined your cancellation request.

You will just have to wait for customer support to cancel your order.

But if i cancel order myself. How much it will effect on my profile

Not always. They sometimes reply really soon. I had an order where the buyer requested something that I don’t offer. I contacted CS when only 5 hours were left since buyer went offline and I couldn’t do mutual cancellation. It turned out quite fine for me. Around 4 hours later, I got a notification that CS cancelled the order and it didn’t affected my OCR.

You should at least try to reach the CS. They might reply soon and cancel it for you.

I already contact to the CS. Its about 8 hours left to submit order. Now what can i do? can i submit any sample file in the order. because buyer is still online and not replying my messages just giving me remideres…

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You will get lower cancellation and completion rate, but you will regain it. But you won’t loose money. I also had such experiences before. There is no other way. Wait for customer support, althought they are not always very helpful in those situations, but lets hope it will all be ok.

I already told you that nothing else you can do if buyer rejected your cancellation request.

Asking the same question few times wouldn’t change it.

That will be TOS violation.

Stop panicking and wait for CS to respond to you.


Don’t submit sample files, It will work against you, you can only submit completed work through “delivery button”. Have patient and wait! From your story, buyer order something that is against TOS. Wait for CS.


Thanks for your response dear

Thank you so much dear really appreciate your effort…

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