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Order cancellation using resolution center

Hello all, i have an issue with one of order. The buyer give me the order without contacting me and doesn’t give me any instructions too. He said will send instructions later as he is a returning i trust him. i know what have to do just he will send the Facebook ad copy and i will create the ad and run it.

But unfortunately someone from his family got COVID and i have to extend the order for 20 days. I have been reminding him everyday about the instructions. After almost one month today i have only some hours left for the delivery. Still he is saying he will send the ad copy. But doesn’t send it yet.

Now what can i do If he doesn’t send the ad copy on time? If i cancel the order from resolution will it affect my rate? I have seen that in support request submission option they are saying to contact them if have issue related with order when the order is delivered or complete automatically. I am really clueless now. Please give me some suggestions.


You should contact Fiverr support and explain them your issue with the order. Fiverr support team might help you regarding this issue.

I have contact them but they are not responding. Now a days they are late to response. Anyway, Thank you for your suggestion.

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Yes now a days they are late to response. They could take 10-15 Business day.