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Order cancellation - what happened?

Hi there,

I’m looking for experienced sellers helping me understand what happened.

I recently did 4 orders ($90) for a single client. Got a 5-star review, everything was fine. I delivered on June 17th, today is June 25th.

Today I got notifications that all of the orders were canceled and the funds were returned to the buyer.

My order completion rate dropped and i’m not sure if i can hold my level 1 status at the next evaluation on july 15th.

Can someone please explain to me what happened and if I can do something about it?

Thank you in advance,


Hi, did you contact fiverr customer support ?

Hi mishaq, thank you for answering. Yes I contacted them this very moment.

Did you get reply from them ?

This sounds like a dreadful chargeback. :grimacing: Check to see if the Buyer’s account is still active. Once CBs happen, Fiverr bans the account holder.

A user recently had 9 PP chargebacks, :astonished: but the outcome was favorable for the user. Again, no guarantees yours will be a success but it’s worth a shot.


Not yet, because my request to fiverr support was done just one minute ago. I assume it will take at least a day for the answer.

Highly likely a chargeback, the users account is not active anymore.

I’m not worried about the funds, but I hope fiverr customer support can solve the issue with my order completion rate :slight_smile:


Yes it will take around one day sometimes less. They can help you with this. I agree with @nikavoice. I think buyer got the work he needed and then initiated charge back. I hope you get back your hard earned money.


I hope so too… :slight_smile: Thank you all for your answers, I will have a better sleep tonight after chatting with you guys :slight_smile:

Yeah. Sorry this happened to you. :worried: Give us an update when you hear back from CS. Definitely ask politely for this not to affect your stats.

Sleep well bro and I hope fiverr customer support solve your issue. Kindly notify us here after fiverr CS respond you.

Sure, I’ll keep you updated.

I’m off to bed…



Fiverr customer support did answer. They work on the issue. At the moment, it is not clear if I’ll get back the funds nor if the cancelations will be erased from my analytics statistics. So all I can do at the moment is taking a deep breath and wait.

Make sure to have a spare oxygen tank. Some of us have been taking deep breaths and waiting since November :roll_eyes:

Good luck!


Okay, as far as I understood the customer service answer, my funds are lost.

I asked for keeping me updated with the process, and the answer was “there will be no updates”.

Now it’s about the order completion rate (because the chargeback was for four orders) - it impacted my order completion rate down below 90% and now I’m facing to loose Level 1 Status on July 15th if I am not able to get enough orders done until then.

Yesterday i expected to reach Level 2 on July 15th, today it may be that i drop to no Level. Life’s a constant up and down, isn’t it?

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It seems like it’s not a level playing field.

Why not ask CS what this difference is between your case and the one Nika posted:

Sounds pretty typical of a first encounter with the Fiverr CS collective.


If you are a new seller on Fiverr, I would personally advise not chasing levels. Your experience with the unfair cancellation penalty system is nothing new and it’s driving even a lot of long-tern Fiverr sellers insane.

Basically, as the system stands:

  • You could have perfect ratings, reach level 2 or TRS and suddenly get demoted for 1 -10 cancellations or chargebacks, regardless of your reviews or quality of service
  • Some sellers experience sudden drops in sales volumes after a demotion. In this case, chargebacks and orders placed in error by buyers, can see you go from zero to hero to zero again and make earnings very unpredictable
  • You need to ask yourself whether with all the above being the case, you want to focus on chasing levels or diversifying off-Fiverr, in order to lower the risk of becoming financially dependent

There is chatter about a potential upcoming change to the way Fiverr handles cancellations. In reality, however, these rumors have been circulating since November 2017 and so far nothing has materialized.

This is an awful situation to be in. I have been in it myself and have been demoted (like many other sellers) for the same reason. All I can suggest is that you keep a hawk eye out now for your old buyer coming back with a new username and trying to pull the same scam over.


Can you actually block a user?

I think that cancellations due to chargeback shouldn’t affect seller’s stats. It’s just unfair, in my opinion, that after doing the work and then experiencing a chargeback and not getting paid, the seller’s stats also get affected, which then affect their level, which then affects their sales, and none of it was the seller’s fault!

If what happened to @thomaslener had happened to me, I would strongly consider it. I would feel that it’s unfair and I would feel cheated on. Fiverr is awesome, but if the buyer has violated the TOS, why should the seller suffer?


No - you can’t block them from ordering, only from messaging. :sunny:


Okay, Customer Service case closed. First of all, the cs Person was very friendly and professional.

But i got a bad news: the canceled orders will stay and further affect my statistics. The cs person told me I can contact cs before the next evaluation day if needed so they could try to avoid a level demotion.

Diversifying off-Fiver is definitely the way to go. Fiverr is a nice and funny place to earn some bucks, but it’s damn unsecure und their software system is not yet finished to the point where you could really rely upon it.

Who knows what that chargeback was good for… it opened my eyes.