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Order Cancellation with out notification

Fiverr had no value for buyer just for seller.
One of my client had order me to design site for him. With a time client called me to team viewer and told me to upload here site on hosting server and i upload it. before 5 days he told me everyday a new tasks of lists.
I had told him that i will try my best to full fill it. When delivery time came i forget to add screenshots for prove and tell him that i will deliver you soon because delivery time going late so i place to delivered.
And After few hours i was out and when i opened my Fiverr I saw Order Cancellation Terms. Which i didnt Break them.

Fiverr Do what ever seller wants. But remember that without buyers you are nothing. you have to provide equality on both side.

Firstly you have mixed up the word Buyer and Seller which makes your post confusing.

You communicated outside of Fiverr for no good reason.
You delivered “Empty” so there was nothing in the delivery so there was no proof you did anything.
Both of the things above are against Fiverr Terms of Service.
That’s why the order was cancelled. It makes perfect sense.

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So you’re the one who ended up with my “secret decoder ring.” I’m amazed that thing could decipher this mess.


Moderating the Fiverr Forum for 8 months > any secret decoder ring


Yes… but “secret decoder ring” = cracker jacks.