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Order Cancellation without any Reason

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I faced a problem. I completed one of my orders for buyer. I worked according to the requirements of the buyer and I developed a music player app for the buyer. HE was agreed with what I told and explain about the app before he placed the order. I start my work in order and developed the music player app with a dashboard panel. he tested the app and he was happy with the delivery. But he went offline after 1 day i was not able to chat with the buyer. I provided the source code of app and apk file with the installation of the script backend. I did my job completely and did hard work of many days. But now he has everything he needed and today he canceled order. what is this ? why this happened without my permission you should ask also from the seller what is a matter you refunded the money now he has the work he wants and money also free of cost. This is not justice all hard work gone waste. I provided you can also check the delivered product quality with respect to requirements.

order cancellation has also a bad impact on my profile. What is my mistake why is this done to me

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Unfortunately we cannot. We have no access to your private order chat.

Unfortunately, we cannot do this either. We don’t know your phone numbers. :wink:

It’s worth noting that, here on the forums, we are just Fiverr sellers/buyers like you. We have no power to fix any issues between you and your client. You need to contact Customer Support for this kind of assistance. Your resolution cannot be found here on the forums.

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Chargeback or cancelled by fiverr


why this happened ? without any reason

Can you confirm from the below screenshot? if something like this is appearing on the order page at the bottom.

cancelled order

Just say “yes” or “no”.

No , order cancelled by buyer

Then read the topic that I attached above :woman_shrugging: I explained it there.


Create a ticket with the Support, and ask for a clarification. They will do the needful. I have seen cases where Fiverr has added the balance to a seller’s account for the work-delivered. You will have to report it!!

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I have sent support ticket to fiverr

I understood thank you

Thank you Rahul Graphics <3

BRO do this cancellation affect my profile ?

Please don’t call me “Bro” and please be a little more professional next time!!

Thanks my issue is resolved.

Fiverr Automatically added the balance into my account again . And no cancellation rate on my profile.

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I’m so glad I explained all that in my article :wink: