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Order Cancellation

I delivered an order 16 days ago to buyer " fragglesrock " order #FO41ABC233D1

I successfully delivered and username marked it completed and posted a positive review.

I received payment from that user! But now today I received a mail from Fiverr that “The order #FO41ABC233D1 has been cancelled” and money was lost. I don’t know why not even a single reason! When I tried to contact buyer Fiver said “The user account you are looking for is no longer available” And the money I earned was gone!

Also same happened with this order also! I delivered it 10 days ago to username " Fragglesrock " Order #FO53AEAEED46

I surfed my time to fulfill the order but now my money has been gone of these two orders!

Fiverr Support is not replying me from one week! I have send many mails to them!

Almost 1-2 orders everyday got cancelled… like these orders:

Your order with fragglesrock (FO7358B56A23) was cancelled by Fiverr’s Customer Service team.

Your order with fragglesrock (FO3156AEF781) was cancelled by Fiverr’s Customer Service team.

Most Recent is it…

Hi adnantahir,

Your order with ffragglesrock (FO2204268DA4) was cancelled by Fiverr's customer service team.


The Fiverr Team

Can anyone please tell me what is going on? And what should I do in this situation?

Thanks - Adnan Tahir.

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Sorry, but there’s nothing you can do about this.

What happened is that those buyers did PayPal chargebacks and Fiverr blocked or banned their accounts for doing it, because it’s against Fiverr ToS. That’s all Fiverr can do when a user does a chargeback through PayPal: ban that user. Unfortunately, the money is gone.

Reply to @catwriter: Thanks for this info! Feeling Sad now! :frowning:

If the gig was for something like the one where you provide an editable copy of your driver’s license, there may have been legal issues as well. Impossible to say for sure but I doubt there is any way you can recover funds.

it also happened with me today