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Order Cancellation

Hello All,

Hope you will fine. Here is one thing that i want to discuss with you and need your suggestions.

I have recently join fiverr to sell my services. And i got an order in which i have to fix his issue. But client send a message and say to add a code in script. And i added as he said. And recently i got another message in which he says his site is damaged. I noticed that his site damaged due to add that code into script that he say to add.

Now i got order cancellation request from buyer. This is my first order on fiverr and when i see this message i shocked and disappoint.

Should i accept his cancellation?

Reply to @annai80: Thanks Annai80, I have cancelled it

Others might have a different view on this but I personally would accept the cancellation. Since it is your first sale you do not want negative feedback from the buyer. If you accept the cancellation he cannot leave feedback. Hope that helps, don’t be disappointed, it happens you cannot please everybody